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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Ultimate Starting Grid

By Simon

I finally got around to seeing the Senna documentary and it sent me down memory lane. I replayed all the years I’d watched F1. I thought about drivers I hadn’t thought about in years. And watching Senna again made me think of all the powerhouse drivers throughout Grand Prix history and how glorious it would be to have all the greats compete in one race. The problem is who would make it to the grid. Ask ten people who is the greatest F1 driver of all time and you'll get ten different answers. But I’m not asking ten people. I’m just asking me. So if I could have a Field of Dreams, this is who would make my starting grid.

1. Jim Clark
2. Ayrton Senna
3. Nigel Mansell
4. Michael Schumacher
5. Jochen Rindt
6. Alain Prost
7. Juan Manuel Fangio
8. Sterling Moss
9. Jack Brabham
10. Jackie Stewart

Now this list doesn’t represent my ten favorite drivers. Several of the drivers I was never a fan of. However, I believe this starting ten does represent titans of their time who either changed the sport forever or inspired it. I believe this is the ultimate starting grid. You may not, so who would you switch out and who would you bring in on this Circuit of Dreams?

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