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Monday, June 3, 2013

Throwing Things

by Tammy

In a move that has made the rounds on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter a few times by now, IndyCar driver Will Power—after being wrecked by Sebastian Bourdais in Sunday's race at the Detroit Grand Prix—stalked along the side of the track and, despite the best efforts of the safety crew to restrain him, threw ... his gloves.

Now, I understand he was pissed. And Will Power has never been one to hide his emotions (the photo was from last year when he expressed his mild annoyance with Race Control, I believe).

But throwing his gloves? What did he think they'd do? Get caught in the air vents or something? Or was it just a symbol?

But it started me thinking ... what would I throw?

Would I go the Will Power route and throw gloves? Maybe? But it's not much of a statement?

Would I go the Tony Stewart or Robby Gordon route and throw a helmet? I don't think so; too costly.

How about the other Will Power route and throw double birds? That's more likely, honestly.

Or the [insert most any driver name here] route and throw a hissy fit? Yeah, also likely.

What about you all? What would you throw to the person who wrecked you and is still on track? Any other good ideas?

I might just have to put a good old tantrum and item-toss into the next book....


  1. I think a piece of debris from my freshly wrecked car would be just the thing to send the message.

  2. IMHO the best thing is to do nothing, say nothing, and get even when least expected.

  3. Can you see someone trying to hurl a front wing or a bumper, Rick?! I'd pay to see that.

    And anonymous, revenge is a cold dish!