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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Open Wheel...There Is No Substitute

By Simon

As regular readers know Tammy and I have friendly rivalry when it comes to open wheel racing cars.  I think they're better and Tammy doesn’t know what she's talking about.  :-)

While I was at the Long Beach Grand Prix someone asked me why I liked single seaters.  I had a think about for a minute, but I had my answer.  I like open wheel racing cars because they are cars in their purest form.  There isn't anything extraneous about them.  The cars aren't about what you can strip out, but what is necessary.  It’s an engine, gearbox, gas tank, wheels, rubber, aerodynamics, driver and a seatbelt.  There aren't luxuries like a windshield, power windows, power steering, power brakes, airbags or a roof.

The end result is an elegant design, skeletal in nature, but so efficient and smart.  It’s simple engineering, but clever.  So when I’m behind the wheel, I know exactly what's happening around me.  I know what the car is doing.  I know when it isn't working.  And I can fix the problem or change the setup quickly.  No plowing through unnecessary bodywork or combating redundant production car electronics.  This is why I love single seaters.  Here endeth the lesson.  :-)

That said, I’ll race anything if you put it in front me.  Single seaters are perfect.  I didn’t say I was.


  1. You're welcome to continue trying to "educate" me, Simon. Good luck with that....

    1. Open wheel = Open mind. Which makes you... :=)

  2. ... of strong enough mind to not break at the slightest bump or rub? ;-)