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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lewis Hamilton--Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Lewis Hamilton’s contract is about to expire with McLaren.  Supposedly, there's a new contract offer from McLaren, but Mercedes have supposedly made a big money offer to Hamilton.  So what should he do—stay or follow the money?

SIMON: it’s one of those tough decisions.  A sporting career is a short one so do you make sure you're set for life or do you for results.  Personally, I think Hamilton should stick with McLaren.  Yes, McLaren hasn’t done as well as they would have wanted over the last few seasons, but they're always there or there abouts.  You can’t say the same about Mercedes, despite their clout.  The cars seem competitive, but they are struggling to make it to the finish line.  As much as a big pay check is tempting, I would stick with McLaren.  They’ve been the benchmark in the sport over twenty-five years and it doesn’t look like changing.  If Hamilton wants a second title, McLaren is the best place to find it.

Thoughts Tammy?

TAMMY: My opinion comes down more to loyalty, which is perhaps misplaced in the business of racing. But in the words of the old saying (and a song), "dance with the guy who brung you," meaning, keep doing what's worked so far. And be loyal to the team that brought you through the ranks.

I'm sure it's tempting though, to jump ship. McLaren seems like it's plateaued the last couple years, just unable to take that last step up to first place. But I figure you've also got to look at history: McLaren's always been in the mix. Team fortunes wax and wane, but the really top teams always rise to the top again. I'd stay there and ride it out, not switch to a team that hasn't yet proven they can win. Not to mention that it'll take him a couple years to get settled (has anyone won on their debut year? Did Alonso?). 

And honestly, if you're going to go, go to Red Bull!

So I'm with you, Simon, I say stick around. These drivers never do listen to us though! Does anyone out there have a good reason why he should go? 

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