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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


by Simon

There a pretty nasty pile up at the beginning of the Belgian Grand Prix Sunday. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The crash has raised the issue of enclosed cockpits for F1 cars (again). Not sure why this topic popped up because no driver took a hit to the noggin or anything, although there was a close call.

Personally as someone who drove single seaters with an open cockpit, I’m not in favor enclosed cockpits for open wheel cars of any kind. An enclosed cockpit isn't a perfect cure. How does a driver get out if the car rolls over? What does a driver do if the canopy is damaged? What about windscreen wipers? So a simple solution brings its own complications.

The truth is racing is dangerous. It can’t be made totally safe. It can only be made as safe our technology and design will allow and it pretty much is at the moment. Nowadays, a driver’s head is pretty well protected with all the bodywork surrounding the driver. The driver isn't anywhere as exposed as he was twenty years ago.

My feeling is keep improving driver safety but don’t box him in.

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