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Monday, July 2, 2012

Checking Our Predictions

by Tammy
I decided it was time to check in and see how we were doing with the fantasy picks we've made. I'll take them category by category ...
F1 Driver
I'm kicking some behind here, with my pick, Lewis Hamilton, scoring 88 points to Jenson Button's 49 (the pick of both Simon and Rick Hunt).

F1 Team
But Simon's got me and Rick beat here, with his Red Bull pick scoring 176 to McLaren's 137 (my pick and Rick's).
IndyCar Driver
Again, Rick sided with the light (that would be me) with the pick of Will Power, who's outscoring Simon's pick of Dario Franchitti by 70 points (286 for Will, 216 for Dario).
IndyCar Team
I made an executive decision on scoring here, averaging driver totals, since Simon's pick of Ganassi has two drivers to my (and Rick's) pick of Penske. Result? Penske 251, Ganassi 244.
ALMS GT Driver
My sentimental choice of Patrick Long isn't working out so well for me (but the season is still young!), with 19 points, but Simon (Jan Magnussen 48) and Rick (Joey Hand 52) are neck and neck. Advantage: Rick.
I'm pleased to say that my Corvette Racing pick (62) is dominating the season so far, over Rick's Team RLL BMW (55). Simon's Paul Miller Racing (20) needs some encouragement or luck....
NASCAR Cup Driver
Rick has the pick of all of us, with Jimmie Johnson (610) ranking above my Carl Edwards (503) and Simon's Jeff Gordon (453). But the most amazing statistic here is Junior in second place, with a race win to his credit! That answers my biggest question. (And I agree with Rick that we should pick anew once the Chase field is set.)
Another average of driver totals, to compare the two drivers of Ganassi (Simon) to the four of Hendrick (me and Rick) ... and Hendrick is outscoring Ganassi by more than 100 points, 537 to 424. If only JMP got points for taking out the jet dryer.
So by my tally, Rick and I both have top picks in five categories (overlapping, obviously), and Simon has a top pick in one. What does this mean? Not a thing, except I get to needle Simon some....
Anyone else want to play along? Just submit your picks in the categories.


  1. Rick Helms or Rick Hunt, call me whatever you want, just so long as you call me. In any event, it's clear that Simon doesn't quite have the grasp of racing that we do. :)

  2. Ugh, I completely spaced out Rick. Sorry! But yes, we're on top of this thing. :-)

  3. Tam Tam: My choices were made with the heart and not with good sense...

  4. Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that. On the other hand, subscribing to the theory that there ain't no such thing as bad publicity, I decided to let it ride. Now, if you want my actual choices, they would be as follows:
    F1Driver, Sebastian Vettel for #3;
    F1 Team, Red Bull;
    IndyCar Driver, Scott Dixon;
    IndyCar Team, Target/Chip Ganassi;
    ALMS -- not following closely this season, though I am a Joao Barbosa fan after watching his drive at Watkins Glen this past weekend.
    NASCAR Cup Driver, Greg Biffle.
    NASCAR Cup Team, Hendrick Motorsports.

  5. Glad to have your contribution, R.Helms! I'm not going to post these things at 5a.m. anymore and confuse myself.

    Simon, a couple of my picks were made with the heart too ... the underperformers, sadly.