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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What No Racing?

By Simon

It’s the 4th of July which means probably no one is reading this. You're probably out there having fun. The damned impertinence of you lot. Regardless, I’m going plow on because of the topic national holidays and racing is relevant to this week’s post. Now if this was England and it was a national holiday (and this place still would be England if it weren’t for some pesky war, but I’m getting off the point), this would be a big race day. While in the US, racing nearly always takes place on a Sunday. In the UK, national holidays are part of the racing calendar—from Easter through to end of summer. I think it’s a shame they don’t have races on national holidays in the US, as there's a bit of energy at the tracks from everybody doing something on a day off. So come on America, join the UK instead of separating from us and start racing on national holidays. Just think of all the tailgating you can do.

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