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Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Fantasy Picks

We're back to our Friday discussions! We know we're a little late with our picks, since the season's already begun, but we've decided on a friendly competition. You're all welcome to play along!

Here's how it will work. We'll each make picks in the categories below, and we'll check in monthly to see how each of us is doing, based on actual earned points/places for our picks. At the end of the seasons, we'll see who made the best predictions and ... well, the winner should get a prize. Maybe someone will have a good suggestion.

Formula 1 Driver
SIMON: Jenson Button
TAMMY: Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 Manufacturer
SIMON: Red Bull
TAMMY: McLaren

IndyCar Driver
SIMON: Dario Franchitti
TAMMY: Will Power

IndyCar Team
SIMON: Chip Ganassi
TAMMY: Penske (gotta go with the combo of Power, Castroneves, and Brisco)

ALMS GT Driver
SIMON: Jan Magnussen (b/c I raced against him--once)
TAMMY: Patrick Long (maybe that's just hope)

SIMON: Paul Miller Racing
TAMMY: Corvette Racing!

NASCAR Cup Driver
SIMON: Jeff Gordon (he's a local boy)
TAMMY: Carl Edwards (honestly, the bigger question is if Junior will win a race this year)

SIMON: Chip Ganassi
TAMMY: Hendrick Motorsport

Tell us your picks and follow along!


  1. I'll take a stab at it. Keep in my that these are my expectations, not necessarily my desires.

    F1 Driver: Jenson Button

    F1 Manufacturer: McLaren

    Indycar Driver: Will Power

    Indycar Team: Penske

    ALMS GT Driver: Joey Hand

    ALMS GT Team: BMW Team RLL

    NASCAR Cup Driver: Jimmie Johnson

    NASCAR Cup Team: Hendrick Motorsport

    Note: Since NASCAR has the stupid-ass Chase, we ought to get to pick a driver again once that field is set.

  2. I see that you're with me in IndyCar, Rick! I like that. And man, I can't disagree with you in ALMS GT, but I really don't want BMW to win again. :-( I know I picked some names out of sentiment and hope, not expectation. Such is the lot of a fan!

    I like the idea of picking again at the start of the Chase. I'll note your picks with ours and we'll check in again in a month!