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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LeMan's Top 50

By Simon

I know Tammy loves her sports cars, so this is for her. Autosport has done a great little feature. They have compiled the top 50 cars ever to compete at Le Mans. I might re-arrange the running order and I might substitute a couple of cars for some overlooked cars. However, they have nailed it with a couple of cars that I love. Two of my all times fav sports cars are the curvy Ferrari 330 P3 and amazing Ford GT40.

I wish I could embed the slideshow here, but you're welcome to check out the Top 50 here.

Autosport are looking for people to list their people on their Facebook page, so join the argument, but if you'd like to start a fight here, I'll be more than happy to tustle. :-)

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