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Friday, June 8, 2012

Canadian Roulette

By Simon

Hi all,

Just me today. Tammy is a little tied up, so like most days, I’m just talking to myself. Anyway, onto the Friday thought.

The Canadian Grand Prix is up this weekend and people are wondering whether we’ll have a 7th different winner in seven races. Formula One is proving to be a tricky playground this year. There's no dominant team or driver like there has been over the last 20 years or so. Tires seem to be the leveler this year. They aren’t kind to anyone.

So is this a good thing? Do you like the fact that any driver can win?

Personally I like the unpredictability of F1 this year. This really is anyone’s year and that adds some real excitement to the sport. If this trend continues, F1 could end up as fun as IndyCar. :-)

I do have a quick follow-up question: do you think Michael Schumacher was wrong to come back to F1?

Undoubtedly, he's a great driver, but I think it was a mistake to come back. You can’t trap lightening in a jar twice and this come back will only diminish his achievement.


  1. I think it's a great thing that we don't know who will win F1. Makes it much more entertaining.

    As for Schumi ... "wrong" is so subjective. If he wanted to be there driving, no it wasn't wrong. If he though the'd come back and win like he used to? Deluded.

  2. I think neither option will make him happy.