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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tin Tops

by Simon

On this blog, I’m much maligned and misunderstood about my liking for open wheel racing (yes, I am looking at you, Tammy). As much as I like single seaters, I would pretty much drive anything given the chance. I’m demonstrating this in the next Aidy Westlake book, HOT SEAT, as he switching from open wheel to saloon car racing.

Saloon car racing uses production based cars and is very popular in Europe. In HOT SEAT, Aidy takes part in the European Saloon Car Championship, which is something I invented for the book. If you're looking for something close to what I’m talking about, it’s touring cars. I talked a little bit touring cars a while ago and their dumb reverse grid rule. That said, I like touring cars, it’s fast and furious racing and is a spectacle for both driver and spectator.

However, instead of talking about touring cars, I thought I’d show you how entertaining the British Touring Car Championship is. The 1st triple header of the 2012 season of the BTCC was the other week and here’s the TV coverage. Warning: you will find this addictive. See you next week.

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