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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winning By A Nose

By Simon

They say you can’t pick your friends but you can pick your nose—and Formula One is no different.  For the last few years we've been suffering the ugly effects of the “step nose” look.  But that’s gone.  With introduction of the new turbo era, we have the…er…um…how should I put it…the “nostril look.”  Yes, the nostril look.  I said it first so I’m taking credit for the term.

I’m calling it the nostril look because the cars all have holes in their noses.  Take a look at the Ferrari, Force India, Lotus and Red Bull.

As an engineer, I have to say I find it fascinating that everyone has come up with this concept.  I do wonder what led them to same solution—aerodynamic necessity or industrial espionage?  I’d love to sit down with the designers for a chat.  I hope to do this for an upcoming Aidy book as I want to explore a secret design breakthrough to shake up the sport.  But that’s later.  For now, enjoy the sound of the new F1 turbo engine courtesy of Caterham and Renault.

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