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Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh, Rain Delays

by Tammy

In a way, I'm grateful to the rain delay for the Daytona 500. On Sunday, I had to finish some last edits to my manuscript of Avoidable Contact and send it off to my editor (done!) before I could watch the race. Being on the west coast meant the race was supposed to start at 11 a.m.

Cue the rain, which meant I could get my work done and still watch some of the race.

Of course, the idea of a rain delay is laughable to a sportscar racing fan, right? Or a variety of other types of racing fans. When the rain hits, other cars put on rain tires and get on with it.

But I know, I get it. Ovals (never mind that sportscars race in the rain at the 24 Hours of Daytona, on the banked track) and rain don't mix. Fine, whatever.

So what do you do during a rain delay?

Twitter was lit up by a few memes during the break, like #replacemovietitlewithDanica, such as Smokey and the Danica, and #AirTitan (the track dryer), including #AirTitan considers Jurassic Park a petting zoo. But the biggest fun on social media was lighting up Fox News for tweeting that Jimmie Johnson had won the Daytona 500 ... because Fox Sports was showing a replay of the 2013 race, which Jimmie won.

Call that one #twitterfail.

So during the rain delay in my house, I did some laundry, wrote a blog, called my parents, and watched some old CSI: Miami (fun fact: Long Beach stands in for Miami in that show, just add wet pavement).

What did you all do?

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