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Monday, June 10, 2013

Checking In On Formula 1

by Tammy

I haven't been watching F1 much this year, I'll admit. But it seems like there's been a bunch of improvement. Would you all agree?

I mean, some things remain the same. Vettel has won a bunch of races (which just makes me go "meh"). Alonso is always up there. Kimi is pretty consistently around, and Hamilton, despite all predictions to the contrary, is consistently doing better than many might have expected.

But there's a bit of unpredictability too, right? Rosberg winning. The possibility of Kimi cracking a smile. How Massa will wreck this weekend. And you can't get more crazy-pants, "what will he do next" than Sergio Perez, right?

Sure, plenty of that's harsh, because I couldn't do what they're doing. But the problem is, I'm reduced to looking to the personalities to provide the weekend's excitement. That's still not cutting it for me. The racing just isn't as fun, for all that it's the most technologically advanced. Who's with me? (Yes, I'm in a missing-my-sportscar-racing funk. Hurry up, Le Mans!)

I will say, I've been enjoying the broadcasts, in part because of my old friend, Leigh Diffey (well, we used to be acquaintances). I appreciate that they sent the full on-air team to Monaco, for instance. And while I always liked Bob Varsha, I like Leigh's enthusiasm. So there's a bright spot.

What are you all thinking about F1 this year? What racing are you enjoying more/most?

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