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Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Title Needed!

by Tammy

Finding the right title for a book is tough. For the Kate Reilly Racing Mystery series, it's got to be a term that relates to racing, but also sound vaguely menacing—and if it can vaguely relate to the theme of the book, so much the better. (For example, Braking Points reflected how overwhelmed Kate was and how she struggled to cope with everything.)

I've got a couple ideas for Kate Book 3, but I'm not in love with them. So I need help, and I'm offering prizes. 

If your is one of the three best title ideas, I'll send I'll send you any three items from the premium Team Kate prize pack (that's a Team Kate shirt, a signed copy of Dead Man's Switch, a Team Kate bag, earplugs, and even a book-cover belt buckle). And if I use your title now, I'll name a character after you (in either Book 3 or Book 4).

What do you have to do?
Post your book title suggestions here, on Facebook, or Tweet to @katereilly28 (follow me there, while you're at it).

Remember, book titles need to:
  • relate to racing, or be a racing term/phrase
  • relate to murder and bad things happening (e.g., no "Kittens and Rainbows Race Team")
  • reflect the book's story/theme
What's the book about?
It's set at the 24 Hours of Daytona, starting on the pre-race grid, and ending with the checkered flag (same team and car, now in the United Sports Car Series). Key aspects of the story: hidden secrets from the past; situations, events, or people that aren't what they seem; family relationships (especially siblings and cousins); big money teams versus small, one-car efforts; and just how long a 24 hour race really is.

Throw me any ideas you've got, I beg you!


  1. Bumping is Murder. Braking for Death. Speeding with a Body.

  2. Speeding on Death, 24 Hours of Events, Big Money-Little Racing

    Terry P.

  3. Writing them all down with your names next to them. Thank you!!

  4. Perfect Execution (or Perfectly Executed)

  5. Here are my 4 idea:
    Banking on the Ruthless
    Secrets behind the Grid
    A Race against Time, and
    Murder at the Chicane

    cheers Barb Wilson Gillie