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Monday, July 22, 2013

What You See on the Road

by Tammy

I was in the Detroit area for a long weekend, and what surprised me the most—other than the bugs—was what I saw driving around on the roads with us.

I know I'm likely to see more GM and Ford products around, given that Detroit is their home base, but it was still surprising just how different the general view on the road was.

For instance, as we drove to the airport (Los Angeles International) last Thursday morning, on the 405 freeway, two Tesla Model Ss (top right) passed us within two minutes. Those were just the ones I saw. And generally, we're surrounded by BMWs of all stripes, and Toyota Prius is practically the state car.

In Southern California, my Buick Verano (bottom right) is so unusual as to be practically exotic, and with that coloring my perception, I kept being astonished to see Buick after Buick on the road and in parking lots in Michigan. Suddenly, I didn't feel quite so much the odd man out....

So my question is, what kinds of cars are prevalent on the roads where you live? Have you seen a Tesla Model S? Do you see many Porsches? Priuses? Is it all American iron?


  1. I'm currently in Wickenburg,AZ cowboy country, so it's big azz pickups here. Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet with a few Toyotas .

  2. Lots of pickups- usually Chevy and fords with a few dodges thrown in the mix...although we also see our fairshare of the cheese wedge cars (priuses? priuii?), and lots of honda civics and accords but there are also an abnormally large amount of people who drive the car I drive- the HHR- which is weird.

  3. Within a 5 mile radius of my neighborhood, I regularly see: Tesla Model S and Roadster, Audi R8, various Ferraris, and Bentley Continental, Occasionally a Lamborghini Gallardo, Maserati Quattroporte and GranTurismo, and just once, a Maybach.

  4. Rick, you live in a nice area!

    1. I live next to a nice area. :)