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Monday, July 29, 2013

Already Silly Season?

by Tammy

It only seems like we're part way through the Formula 1 season, but already the speculation over next year's seats is running rampant.

Let's start with what we know:

  • Mark Webber is leaving Red Bull after this year to go drive the new Porsche LMP1 at Le Mans and in some endurance sportscar championship.
  • Hamilton finally won a race for Mercedes, so he's probably not likely to be looking to move.
  • Raikkonen actually appeared to smile on the podium this weekend, which means ... I don't know, because I'm so shocked he actually smiled.
  • Grosjean gets another penalty (is he turning into the class clown?).
And then there's what's been speculated:
  • Raikkonen going to Red Bull. 
  • Alonso going to Red Bull (on the basis of his manager, who does represent other drivers, meeting with Red Bull). (Photo from Morio.)
  • Toro Rosso teammates Ricciardo and Vergne are vying for the Red Bull seat.
The Alonso rumor seems the most unlikely to me. I mean, I can't actually imagine him ever leaving Ferrari, you know, not with all of that talk about compatible Latin temperaments.

At the same time, I don't think Kimi's going to leave Lotus now. They're doing better and better as the races wear on, and more, they just want Kimi to be Kimi. (Check out their Facebook page for the fun they have with him.)

Which leaves someone from the Toro Rosso squad. Or someone else? What other changes do you think we'll see in next year's linup? And isn't it too early to be thinking about this?!

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