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Monday, March 25, 2013

Steel Ovaries and Other Tidbits

by Tammy

There's a great new movement and blog that I love, and it has the strangest (or most hilarious) name: Steel Ovary Nation. It's all about supporting women racers, and probably women ass-kickers of any flavor, really.

Its participants, adherents, and supporters are part of the Steel Ovary Nation, or, if men prefer, they can be "Brovaries." Here's the explanation of how it all came about:

I'm a proud member of #SteelOvaryNation (written so because of Twitter, of course), and so is my fictional driver, Kate Reilly. In fact, thanks to Pressdog's efforts*, Kate's gotten hooked up with Shea Holbrook, the founder of the Nation, and will contribute to the blog. I also expect to take a good race-related #SteelOvaryNation photo once the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend rolls around (and my favorite race-weekend partners-in-crime come to town).

In other TFTR blog news, Simon and I caught up in person this past weekend at the Left Coast Crime mystery convention in Colorado Springs. Aside from the unseasonable spring snowstorm, we had a great time and even got to share space on the same panel (The Sporting Side of Murder). Here we are playing nicely together in the book-signing room.

Racing news will resume next weekend!

*More fantastic news coming from Pressdog, who's named me the 25th Woman of Pressdog®! More info to come!


  1. It was a pleasure to best you during the panel. We're suffering from puffy eye syndrome from staying up too late.

  2. No kidding. Puffy eyes from too much carousing in the bar!