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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show Me The Money

By Simon

A couple of F1 drivers lost their drives over the winter break, not because their performances weren’t up to snuff, but because they weren’t bringing any sponsorship to the team.  This isn't anything new and this situation happens all the time throughout the sport, especially in the lower echelons of motorsport, but F1 feels it should be a little different.  This is the pinnacle of the sport.  Only the best drivers should compete.  Not the best financed. In years gone by, there have been certainly teams where there's been the “money” driver and the “talent” driver.  The reason I think this topic jarred with me is that a couple of teams currently only have one driver on the docket and are still looking for a second with the new season only weeks away and the primary reason for the stall seemingly is who can bring the enough money with them.  It feels so desperate.

The big question is—is this fair?  Should the responsibility for coming up with the sponsorship funds fall on the drivers?  To augment the team’s finances—yes.  To keep a team afloat—not really.  If a team is sailing this close to the financial winds, should they really be in the sport?  I feel the drivers should be paid for their efforts and not pay for the opportunity.  A driver should be judged on his talent first, his cash flow second.  Otherwise, we, the race going public, are being cheated of the best racing possible.  Don’t you think?  Share your thoughts.


  1. Maybe I'm being naive, but I feel like the series that touts itself as the best in the world should feature drivers with merit-based rides, not money-based.

    Though I get that it's also a more complex situation than "pro v. gentleman driver."