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Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration on the Web

by Tammy

I didn't watch the racing action this weekend (because I'm endlessly writing and revising), but I followed all of it online. I was also doing all kinds of research (again/still), and creating a Pinterest board for the book I'm working on, Kate Reilly #2. Its title is BRAKING POINTS, which I'm using before Simon can (I'm sure he'll get me back with some title in the future). You're welcome to check out the full Braking Points board.

But all of that got me thinking about how much fantastic stuff there is online. I flipped to and watched little numbers zooming around the virtual Indy track, showing me how drivers were doing on Pole Day and Bump Day. I watched the Preakness streaming online (I'm an equal-opportunity racing fan). And I followed Twitter for reports on IndyCar, NASCAR, and everything else at once.

But the best thing I found was this video, from Racer magazine's Pinterest board, about drivers and fitness. Because the description of what it's like to be driving a car is so fantastic ... and then they film a guy doing it (which is the goofy cover image).

To summarize: "You're riding a stationary bike that's balanced on the edge of a cliff, wearing a diving suit, sucking [air] through a straw, and they've got heaters on you. If you make one mistake, you fall off the cliff."

The point being this: they're athletes, with an incredible ability to focus. If this is the teaser, I look forward to the full video!

What was exciting for you guys this weekend?

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