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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot Dog!!

By Simon

My dachshund, Royston, like me, he loves cars, so he's traveled up and down the west coast with me. So he's a pretty well traveled dog. In that spirit, I want him to go places that no other dog has gone before. Last year, a photo of him rode in the last NASA Space Shuttle missions. He even has a little certificate saying so. This time, Royston image will be on the side of a Red Bull F1 car at the British Grand Prix this year.

How'd this happen you ask?

Well Red Bull is working with the charity Wings For Life, which funds spinal cord injury research, and for a 15 Euro donation, they will put a picture on the side in their Faces For Charity drive.
How could I turn this down? It’s F1, the British GP and the chance for my dog to be part of something special. :-)

If you'd like to take part yourself and put your picture alongside Royston's, do check out Faces For Charity.

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