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Monday, January 16, 2012

Racing Resources 2012

by Tammy

Good times ahead! By which I mean the racing season is about to start. I knew teams had been testing for the 24 Hours of Daytona, but I'd forgotten about NASCAR, and I did a delighted double-take when I walked into a restaurant Friday for lunch and saw cars going around in circles.

The long dry spell is almost over, race fans!

And that makes me start thinking about where I get my information. I've got a list of blogs and sites I check, and I just found a really great-looking schedule for the year. But I'm also sure there are other resources out there I don't know about. So tell me what I'm missing....

The first race-fan essential is the 2012 Racing Wall Planner (above) from All racing (except NASCAR) in one wall calendar. Awesome! (Sorry NASCAR fans, but hey ... you're on almost every weekend anyway, so it's less difficult to remember when.)

Continuing with the sportscar theme, two of my favorite sites are (some free, mostly subscription, but worth it) and After that, I check (or rather, my Google Reader checks) CorvetteBlogger, Jalopnik, Pressdog, PlanetF1, and a wide variety of Twitter feeds.

I've picked up more IndyCar news with my Twitter friends and their blogs and links, but I'm still missing a good source of NASCAR news (other than and a little bit on Anyone have anything for me?

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