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Friday, September 30, 2011

Racing's Off Season ... What's a Fan to Do?

TAMMY: Here we are, coming down to the wire of the racing seasons. NASCAR still has 97 races to go, of course (kidding, just 8), but the Grand-Am series has already crowned its champions at a banquet! F1 has 6, IndyCar has 2, and the ALMS wraps up this weekend with the 10-hour Petit Le Mans. Which results in a big, fat, fundamental question. (No, who's going to win championships.) What's a fan to do in the off-season?!?!

Well, personally, I have to do some writing. And I've saved a couple ALMS races on my DVR to help get me in the mood. So I might revisit some past races. But mostly I'll devour racing news from my favorite sites (and expand to others with all the free time I have on weekends), pounce eagerly on Racer Magazine when it arrives, and tell my husband all the racing team/driver gossip I hear that he doesn't really care about. And maybe I'll weep quietly with loss once in a while ... OK, probably not.

Simon, I don't get the sense you watch as much racing as I do. What's your plan for the off-season?

SIMON: I'm finishing up the second of the Aidy Westlake and then jumping onto the third--which means research. I must admit I'm have whale of a time at the moment researching old races, championship stats and looking up long forgotten circuits. I have some awesome Google Earth shots of Reims in France. So I'm happy as a pig in poo at the mo'.

That said, I'm a big IRL fan so I'll be watching the last two races to see who takes the marbles. I must admit I do miss the Winter series that used to run in the UK in the 90's. A short 5-race series featuring a small race card used to be held through November & December. That helped keep me warm through the winter. Sadly unpredictable weather put pay to that after a few years.

If you're not a rally fan or an ice racing fan, the winter months might be the time to discover it. We all need our racing fix any way we can get it.

That's us, but what about you? Where are you going to get your race on?

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