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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Association and Fast Answers

Simon and I are both on the road this week, so we're going with some quick opinions.

Best track for driving
SIMON: Oulton Park, Cheshire
TAMMY: Road America
Best track for spectating
SIMON: Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit)
TAMMY: I haven't been there, but I suspect it's Bristol Motor Speedway
Best corner on a track
SIMON: Craner Curves (Donnington Park) a downhill S-curve
TAMMY: The Corkscrew, Laguna Seca
Best track food
SIMON: Oulton Park (The sausage guy) or Donuts at Castle Combe
TAMMY: Johnsonville Brats, Road America
Best town outside a track
SIMON: Monterey, CA
TAMMY: Monterey, CA
Worst town outside a track
SIMON: Cadwell Park (Lincolnshire and me don't mix)
TAMMY: Whatever's outside Mid-Ohio
Best car paint scheme
SIMON: The 2012 Formula Ford promo car (at right, top)
TAMMY: Extreme Speed Motorsports' Ferrari (at right). Awesome.
Worst car paint scheme
SIMON: Anything with Red Bull on it
TAMMY: The F1 Renault from a couple years ago, bright blue and yellow
Best teamwear
SIMON: Any I don't have to pay for
TAMMY: The suits that match the car at right, all black, green piping
Worst teamwear
SIMON: Those Sparco jackets that are based on a racing overalls
TAMMY: Any where the bottom half of a driver's suit is white ... do you realize how those look after they sweat through them for a couple hours???
Silliest team sponsor
SIMON: Durex (cuz it's naughty).
TAMMY: Marlboro (cuz it's gross and they can't even show the sponsor name half the time)
Most underrated driver
SIMON: Dan Weldon (cuz he deserves a drive) or me.  :)
TAMMY: Dan Weldon (have to agree with you there) or Patrick Long
Most over-hyped driver
SIMON: Danica (sorry)
TAMMY: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (sorry)
Best driver in the world (right this second)
SIMON: Sebastian Vettel (he really impresses me)
TAMMY: Tony Stewart (he can drive anything)

That ought to give you readers plenty to throw mud at. Tell us what you think!

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