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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why I’m Not A Bugatti Veyron Fan

By Simon

I’m not a fan of the Bugatti Veyron.  Given the choice, I’d take a Caterham Super 7 over the Veyron.  While the Super 7 can’t do over 250mph, the car is a lot more fun that a Bugatti—admittedly I haven't or unlikely to have the pleasure of driving a Veyron.  However, the Veyron is one of those cars that fail to inspire me.  The more anyone explains how the car works the more it puts me off.  Yes, the engineers at Audi have done a fantastic job creating the car, but the problem for me is that it lacks elegance.  The 250mph barrier is a tricky to beat but the Bugatti has achieved it through brute force.  The clever tech stuff comes in overcoming a number of engineering problems the Veyron creates for itself.  So to me, the Veyron is a car created with inside the box thinking which is kind of disappointing.

I’m more inspired by the Ferrari F12 which has employed some very inventive aerodynamic solutions to increase down force without the need of a giant wing on the back.  The car that has me really going is the Pagani Huayra.  Mr. Pagani has come up with some very creative solutions to make the Huayra fast and at the same time a work of art to look at.  Here are a couple of videos from 5th Gear in the UK to see what Pagani has done.  This is the poster child for me, not the Veyron.  Sorry, Bugatti.

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