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Monday, April 22, 2013

My Long Beach Highlights

by Tammy

It was a long (loooooong) and really fun weekend for me at the Long Beach Grand Prix and the LA Times Festival of Books. If you see me the next couple days, I'm not talking to you ... because I'm not talking to anyone, as my throat is about to give up. But I had a ton of fun catching up with race friends and mystery fans, and in the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Winners of the action for a signed book and named characters in the next Kate Reilly Racing Mystery: Tommy Kendall (racecar driver, auctioneer), me, Chris Syfert (ALMS scorekeeper)

(left) the view on the way into the track on Thursday
(right) ALMS Technical Director Charlie Cook giving a talk on inspection processes

 Me and Pattie with her pace/safety car

Simon, mega-fan (of racing, mysteries, and authors) and friend Barb Kreisel, and me in the bar at the convention center, taking a break from the race-day sun

My view for the first part of the race (Turn 6) 

My view for the last part of the race (Turn 10, from the ALMS Patron VIP terrace)

Still sporting my racewear on Sunday at the LA Times Festival of Books!

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