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Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand-Am Le Mans

by Tammy

While the new year means resolutions and diets and such for many people, for race fans, it means a renewal of optimism. The Roar Before the 24 happened this weekend, giving everyone a taste of 2013 racing ... lame duck as that might be for the ALMS and Grand-Am, which will merge into one series in 2014.

As promised, planners of the combined series are starting to make some plans for the future. Some make sense, such as appointing Paul Walter to be race director for both the ALMS (a position he's held for a year now) and Grand-Am this year. I think that's an excellent idea that will begin to draw the series together before that merge is official.

Some plans both make sense, and are really confusing. I'm not going to recap the new proposed combined class structure, I'll just point you to the basics in an article on Jalopnik: ALMS and Grand-Am Announce Plans to Become the Most Confusing Thing in the World. It's entirely possible that headline is right.

On the other hand, they've got seven different classes to condense into fewer than that. Plus new, experimental cars to accommodate (the case in point is the Delta Wing). So I don't have an answer for making it less complicated.

What do you think? Could they do it better?

Onward to the racing season!


  1. I'm worried that they'll be slowing down the P2 cars to match the DP cars and not the other way around. The problem with slowing down P2 is that each class below that also needs to be slowed (in comparison to the ALMS classes). Speed isn't everything but it does add to the excitement.

    If the top level class devolves into tube frame, spec racing then my interest will evaporate. I love the technology present in the ALMS and I would hate to see it leave. The appeal of sports cars is different than the appeal of NASCAR and I'm not sure that the new management understands this.

  2. Tam Tam, we think alike as my wednesday piece treads similar ground to you but for F1 as it's a lame duck year for them too.