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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Health Check

by Simon

From time to time I like to check my health when it comes to condition as a petrol head and seeing as I've just had my physical-physical it seems a good time to check racing health. I’ve examined myself and I’m glad to say my lust for motorsports is still strong. Here are the results from tests:

1. I will forgo a stereo in my vehicle as long as I have a great sounding engine.

2. I will keep the air conditioning off so not to drain engine power.

3. Stick shift always trumps an automatic.

4. Pit lane is still the best place on earth.

5. I list exhaust fumes as one of my favorite smells.

6. I can’t look at a bend in the road without looking for the corner’s apex.

7. Hearing someone say, “Start your engines,” gives me chills.

8. Race circuits are special places.

9. You're only as good as your last lap time.

10. I still want to race cars. :-)

If you feel like you need to give yourself a health check, please do and share your results.

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