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Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Moments

TAMMY: Who can escape the Olympics these days? Not me. I'm a happy victim. But they raise a number of questions:

What am I going to do this weekend with the Olympics and an ALMS race on?
Are those U.S. female gymnasts really good friends?
WHO out there cares about the medal count by country?!?! (I HATE THAT.)
And what golds would we award to our favorite racers?

Gold Medal in Whining (F1 division): While last year the honor belonged to Lewis Hamilton, this year, I'm awarding the honorary gold to Sebastian Vettel who berated his engineers for not doing something to get him unstuck in last weekend's race in Hungary (see the entertaining article from, which refers to him as "Princess Stampy Foot").

Gold Medal in "Where Did He Come From?" (NASCAR division): To Jimmie Johnson, who somehow seems to be making a surge to claim a sixth title in seven years. He just won his fourth race at the Brickyard. Don't count Jimmie out of anything.

Simon, do you have any answers?

SIMON: I quite like the Olympics, so I'm not complaining too much.  However, I do have a couple of golds to hand out.

Gold Medal for being a surprise package: Romain Grosjean has been a surprise star in the Lotus this year and if he keeps up his performances, I can't see him being there too long.

Gold Medal for Whining: Anyone who has bitched about the Pirelli tires in F1.  Yes, they aren't very good, but everyone has them, so stop moaning (and I'm looking at you Mr. Schumacher).

4th Place Special "Tin" Medal: This goes to Jenson Button while he works out how to get back to the front of the grid.  He needs the encouragement.

TAMMY: Oh, I love the Olympics, too. And I like your medals. What do the rest of you think? Any special medals we need to award?

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