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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who Would You Like A Driving Lesson From?

TAMMY: Simon originally thought up this question, and it's an interesting one, because it makes me think both about skill and personality. I mean, Fernando Alonso and Kyle Busch are unquestionably phenomenal drivers, but I wouldn't want to spend any time with them. My real answer? Either ALMS GT Champion Patrick Long (about whom I've gone on at length in the past) or racing pioneer Lyn St. James. Of current drivers who most of you have probably heard of? Tony Stewart. I just love that Smoke will race someone in anything, up to and including a footrace.

SIMON: From a realistic point of view, I’d like to have one-on-one driving lesson from 3-time Grand Prix Champion, Jackie Stewart. I still have a book of his he wrote twenty-five years ago on driving. It’s not outside the realms of possibility as Sir Jackie still gives driving lessons. He's somewhat of the Driver Whisperer (coming to CBS this Fall). He still coaches a lot of professional drivers on technique. See this video clip he did for Top Gear a couple of years ago.

But if fantasy could play any part in this, I’d love to be coached by my all time racing hero, Jim Clark. It would be an honor and a joy to have gotten to sit alongside him to see how he tackled a track then have the chance to have him put me through my paces. If you're going to have driving lesson, you should have it from the best teacher possible.

If anyone can make either of these things happen, please let me know. :-)

TAMMY: What about the rest of you? Who do you want to learn from?


  1. I'll take Allan McNish. Fast, funny, great accent.

  2. Oh, Rick, good choice! He'd be fun, wouldn't he?

  3. What it is with all the Scots? :-)