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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Unsung Hero

When I raced, my team consisted of my dad, my friend Andy and his wife. But there was another member of our team who was there every step of the way—and that was a Ford Transit Van. I wish I could it was mine, but it belonged to my sponsor and in fine Cinderella style, I got use of it as and when I needed it. Despite that, I loved that van. Maybe a little too much.

The reason I’m gushing is because Ford produced perfection in van form. I love the Transit because:
1. It drove like a car.
2. It was comfortable for cross-country journeys.
3. I could hook up my trailer and racecar and the suspension didn't sag under the additional weight.
4. The cargo bay seemed endless.
5. It was reliable, tireless and faithful.
6. Did I mention it drove like a car? That meant you could be very silly with it when no one was looking and it handled like a dream. It was and remains a wonderful piece of engineering.

I’m not the only one who thinks like this. The BBC did a one-off series about the Transit van where each week a well-known business figures, rock band or some such paid tribute to their particular Transit van. Everyone had a wonderful tale about how their van performed above and beyond the call of duty. I always wished they'd come to me for my experiences.

I could keep going on but Top Gear did the perfect tribute to the Transit. I’ve embedded their segment below.

All I will say is that the Ford Transit is the best friend a small-time racecar driver could have. And this was mine.



  1. Watching Sabine flog that Transit around the Nurburgring is one of the best Top Gear bits ever. Awesome and hilarious all at once!

  2. I thought that was awesome. A Transit on the Nurburg is a dream I have often...